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Properties’ sales and management

Properties’ sales and management



Sirona Properties and Management    




Security services


Sirona Security

(www.sironaproperties.ru) has a license for security services, also including technical and physical protection. The company provides security for the hotels Balneocomplex Sveti Spas and SPA Club Bor, as well as for six office buildings. The company has many years of experience in the security and protection field. It operates with all the necessary capacity in terms of personal, special and technical equipment for high quality protection.


Among the scope of our activities are:


Sirona can also supply and install alarm systems for security, fire safety, open-air zones, video monitoring systems, working time access control systems.


Traditions and experience

The company is a successor of “Crystal Secutity”. For the period of 1996-2012 the company has provided security for the factory of “Crystal chemicals”, an office of the International bank for development and investments in Sofia, restaurant Bor in Velingrad, a number of office buildings, etc.



The personnel of the company is more than 45 people and consists of trained guards with completed courses, psycho tests and arms permissions, former employees of security organizations and the Bulgarian army. The average age of the personnel is 35 years.



Sirona Catering (www.sironaproperties.ru) is a leading company of catering services and industrial catering. The company operates on daily basis for the hotels Balneocomplex Sveti Spas and SPA Club Bor and has the capacity to provide daily meals for 1200 people. Sirona Catering is a modern and creative company with modern kitchen facilities and a big number of cooking inventory. Together with its partners it has mother-kitchens around the country to provide daily fresh and quality food for various types of customers. These are industrial companies, corporate offices, hospitals, hospices, and kindergartens. Each menu is developed according to the specific needs of the customer. The management team provides a complete set of services for industrial and specialized catering. We coordinate the specific needs and expectations of the customer – healthy menu, dietetic and eco-oriented menus, menus for the workers, for workers in specific and unhealthy working environment, shift feeding, delivery of packaged ready food, transport and logistics.


Basic principles of our work:


Traditions and experience

Sirona Catering is successor of “Crystal catering” and the restaurant Bor in Velingrad. In the period 1996-2012 the company has provided food for more than 500 employees of the “Crystal chemicals” factory, and has serviced the biggest restaurant in Velingrad – Bor – consisting of a restaurant, a mechana, night bar and three panorama cafés for about 600 guests, as well as a number of small restaurants and fast-food restaurants in the sea and ski resorts of Bulgaria.



The personnel of the company consists of more than 30 managers, professional chefs and waiters.



Sirona catering has contracts with main Bulgarian companies from the food sector and the agricultural sector for delivery of ecologically clean products– Metro Cash&Carry Bulgaria ltd., Genel ltd., Plodfarm ltd., Gero ltd., Papas seed oil JSC, Send Netcom Trading ltd. All of these provide fresh dairy and meat products, fish, fruits and vegetables on daily basis.